Reflection: Soccer History Blogging Is A Go!

From time to time I’d like to do a reflective post, just to touch base with my goals and reflect on things. One week in and I’ve been surprisingly satisfied with how things have gone [...]


Mapping the Miami Fusion

With this second attempt at mapping the birthplaces of the players from a soccer club, I’ve learned a few new things. As the Orlando City mapping project is a continuing effort I’m [...]


Article Review: Artificial Turf and Home Field Advantage

It seems artificial turf is as controversial as it is prolific these days in American soccer and other sports. When I came across this article on the use of artificial surfaces in England I had [...]


Digging into the Roots of Orlando City: What Can Mapping Orlando’s Player’s Birthplaces Teach Us About The Club?

As Orlando City wrap up their sixth overall season, now is as good a time as any to share this little project I’ve been working on. Just something I did out of curiosity mostly. I started [...]


Soccer & Scholarship: A Brief Manifesto of Sorts

Every project needs a plan, every plan should have a vision, and every vision a manifesto right? Well maybe not, but I wanted to add a bit of context to what this blog is all about. It began as a [...]