Reflection: A Mid-November Morning

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Still can’t figure out if I want to call these posts “reflections” or just “updates?”  I suppose they are a little of both.

Not a lot of posts lately, for three reasons. First, the end of my semester is upon me. That means deadlines for my thesis are flying at me quickly. I also took my language translation/ comprehension test. On that note, I’ve been translating a Spanish language article on soccer in America I’d like to review one of these days. First few pages have been pretty interesting and great to read about American soccer from a Mexican perspective.

Second reason for the lack of posts, I’m working on a big mapping project about US Soccer. It’s been bigger than even I imagined it would be and I’m really excited to see how it turns out. It has already led my thinking in a number of directions for future research projects.

Final reason, to speak bluntly, the politically charged nature of the United States right now, post-election. Blogging about soccer seems trivial. Promoting a post on Twitter seems out of place and disrespectful. There are more important blogs and websites for you to be reading right now.

Still looking through some academic soccer articles that I’m hoping to review in the near future. I’ve also gotten my hands on some good books on the history of MLS and NASL that I’m looking to write some reviews on. Still thinking I’ll review them by chapter in a serialized form… Just to allow myself the ability to dig deeper into the topics.

I’m considering a few non-soccer posts. I’ve got some academic or general scholarship thoughts I’d like to write on. We will see if that happens, but it might broaden out the blog a bit and of course add more content.

On a lighter note, I was criticized while working for other websites for writing “clickbait” headlines, so I thought I’d give more straight-forward headlines for this one. Result: No one reads this blog. Rethinking the no clickbait policy.

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