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It has been awhile.

It seems like writing for this blog has had to take a backseat to a lot of other obligations in the past few months. Fortunately, they are all great things, so I don’t mind. With a bit of free time on the horizon, I’m hoping to finally publish a few of the projects and reviews I’ve been working on. Until then, here is a quick update:

Life Comes at You Fast

There are a few big reasons I haven’t had much time to write lately. First, and the biggest, is I’m getting married in less than a month. Between wedding planning and working on the house to prepare it for our life together, that has taken up a lot of time. Who knew that wiping the bachelorness off a house was so time intensive! That said, everything is going great and I’m really excited for this next step we are taking together.

I had a very demanding teaching schedule this past semester as well. We wrapped up everything on Friday, and I have to say I really enjoyed my time in the classroom this past semester. I built two classes from scratch with new lectures and materials, which is a significant time commitment, but overall I think it was very successful and I’ll honestly miss my students from this semester. I’ll be teaching again at the end of the summer, and it looks like I’ve got classes lined up for the fall as well. While the pay could certainly be better, I absolutely love being in the classroom.

Despite my best efforts in a Modern World Civilizations class, I still haven’t been able to sneak in a soccer lecture. I really think it could be a great avenue to studying multiple aspects of modernity, nationalism, and globalization.

More Work

I’ve been contracted to do some book reviews and articles elsewhere, so that’s always good. That’s the stuff that builds the professional CV so I can never really turn that sort of work down.

Game On

The new Major League Soccer season is around a quarter of the way in and my beloved Orlando City aren’t bottom dwelling this season and on a five-game winning streak as I write this. Hopefully a six-game streak by the time you read this. Really enjoying the team this season and honestly, think there is more to come.

I’ve been able to tune in to a number of games around the league this season and am still getting a feel for who I think the contenders are. That’s the funny thing about MLS, parity breeds razor thin competition so it’s still really too early to crown anyone with a trophy or count anyone out.  That said, I’ve been watching a lot of Sporting Kansas City and Montreal Impact games so far.

Watch This Space

Speaking of Orlando City, I’m working on an update to my ongoing mapping project. The full roster overhaul means a lot of new pins on the map, but it also means it will take awhile. Looking forward to seeing what happens with this ongoing project though.

I’ve also been to a few archives and have a few write-ups I’d like to do. I’m hoping that can happen in the next few months.

Well, an update is better than nothing right? Hopefully, I’ll find a bit of time to post some reviews and articles in the near future. Until then you can always find my weekly column on all things Orlando City, MLS, and American soccer in general over at the Mane Land. 

Photo Credit goes to my Mom. She’s got a much better phone and even better seats than I do, so she’s been able to get some really fantastic photos. I’m still not totally sure of all the legality of using in stadium photos by non-credentialed photographers. If anyone from Orlando City or MLS sees this and I’m breaking some copyright law, let me know and I’ll just use the generic creative commons picture of a soccer statue I had planned on using originally. 

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