A Personal Rememberance of Sigi Schmid

I never knew Sigi Schmid, I never had the pleasure of meeting him. His influence as a motivator and soccer genius still managed to reach and inspire me during one of my toughest times. Like [...]


Can’t Win For Losing: An Orlando City Supporter Ponders MLS Cup 2018

Like many of my friends in the Orlando City supporter community, I woke up today in a no-win situation. Tonight, the Major League Soccer Cup Final occurs eight hours and change north of Orlando [...]


USA Promotion/ Relegation Simulation: What I Learned

Using the Football Manager 2018 database and my interest in simulation experiments, I decided to test the idea of a promotion/relegation league in the United States. If you frequent the workshops [...]


Fifty Years After the Foundation of the NASL, Soccer Writer Michael Lewis Looks Back

I woke up this morning to find Michael Lewis’ article “How the birth and death of the NASL changed soccer in America forever” from The Guardian populating my Twitter feed. [...]


World Cup Champion Briana Scurry’s Interview with NPR on Race, Celebrity, and Soccer

Briana Scurry, the goalkeeper for the United States Women’s National team that won the 1999 World Cup, was recently interviewed by Oliva Christian for NPR’s sport’s program [...]


Teaching Sports History: Masculinity and the Gilded Age

While reading Wilma J. Pesavento and Lisa C. Raymond’s article “Men Must Play; Men Will Play:’ Occupations of Pullman Athletes, 1880 to 1900” I was subsequently was also preparing lectures [...]


Article Review: Soccer and Sport in a Company Town

Pesavento, Wilma J., and Lisa C. Raymond. “Men Must Play; Men Will Play:’ Occupations of Pullman Athletes, 1880 to 1900.” Journal of Sport History 12, no. 3 (1985): 233-51. [...]


Spring Update

It has been awhile. It seems like writing for this blog has had to take a backseat to a lot of other obligations in the past few months. Fortunately, they are all great things, so I don’t [...]


Were Sanford High School’s “Celery-Fed” the First Soccer Team in Central Florida?

There is a research question I wrote years ago now on the inside front cover of my research notebook, “Who kicked the first ball in anger?” This is shorthand for a question that has plagued me [...]


Gallup Says Soccer is More Popular Than Ever: Does That Really Matter?

Earlier this month there was a Gallup poll released on the popularity of sports in America that made waves in the soccer community. The surface level takeaways were they American football and [...]