Can’t Win For Losing: An Orlando City Supporter Ponders MLS Cup 2018

Like many of my friends in the Orlando City supporter community, I woke up today in a no-win situation. Tonight, the Major League Soccer Cup Final occurs eight hours and change north of Orlando [...]


Gallup Says Soccer is More Popular Than Ever: Does That Really Matter?

Earlier this month there was a Gallup poll released on the popularity of sports in America that made waves in the soccer community. The surface level takeaways were they American football and [...]


Flawless MLS Cup 2017 Conference Finals Predictions

Here we are with just three games between one of the final four clubs still competing in the MLS Cup Playoffs and history. While Toronto and Seattle may feel a little predetermined to make it to [...]


When Your “Wonderkid” Comes Out: Football Manager 2018 to Feature Gay Players

In my rush to read everything Football Manager related in the past few days I came across one new feature I wasn’t expecting. “Football Manager 2018 to Feature Gay Players.” [...]


2017 MLS Cup Playoff Predictions: Knockout Round Edition

The 2017 MLS Cup playoffs start tonight, so just under the wire, here are some predictions. Without Orlando City in the playoffs yet again, I don’t have a horse in this race. That said I [...]


Reflecting on Pelé as he turns 77

Yesterday was soccer legend Pelé’s birthday. I spent some of the day contemplating the Brazilian great, particularly how our lives intersected. I, of course, never knew Pelé. I was too [...]


US Soccer & The Failure Heard ‘Round The World

There is something circular about US Soccer’s failure in Trinidad last night. It was in 1989 that US Soccer went to the small island nation in a must win qualifier and Paul Caligiuri scored [...]


Documentary Review: Sons of Ben

Just had a chance to sit down and watch the 2016 documentary, Sons of Ben: The Movie since it is now streaming on Netflix. I think the title, “review” might be a bit of a stretch as I [...]


Looking at TheManeland.com’s Interview with Jake Edwards, USL President

You’ll have to forgive me for a moment as I step away from the stack of history books on soccer that presently inhabit my workspace and dive into something a bit more contemporary. My [...]