How Much Do We Talk About Soccer?: Data Mining For Answers

In the process of any research project, large or small, it is important to ask questions about your topic. Who is talking about it already, what are they saying, and how much are they saying it? [...]


Networking Lions: Mapping The Clubs Who Have Trained Orlando City Part Two

Yesterday we had a look at the view from 10,000 feet. The heat map showed us regional trends and overall impressions of where Orlando City’s players have played and trained before making [...]


Mapping the Miami Fusion

With this second attempt at mapping the birthplaces of the players from a soccer club, I’ve learned a few new things. As the Orlando City mapping project is a continuing effort I’m [...]


Digging into the Roots of Orlando City: What Can Mapping Orlando’s Player’s Birthplaces Teach Us About The Club?

As Orlando City wrap up their sixth overall┬áseason, now is as good a time as any to share this little project I’ve been working on. Just something I did out of curiosity mostly. I started [...]