Networking Lions: Conclusions

Thanks for checking out the last two days worth of blog posts, and I do honestly hope you enjoyed them on some level. Even if your overall conclusions might only be summarized by words like [...]


Networking Lions: Mapping The Clubs Who Have Trained Orlando City Part Two

Yesterday we had a look at the view from 10,000 feet. The heat map showed us regional trends and overall impressions of where Orlando City’s players have played and trained before making [...]


Article Review: Arsenal, Africa, and Modern Football

  Every team seems to have a “global marketing strategy” these days. From pre-season world tours, to affiliated clubs, to multi-billion-dollar television rights the game has [...]


Article Review: Artificial Turf and Home Field Advantage

It seems artificial turf is as controversial as it is prolific these days in American soccer and other sports. When I came across this article on the use of artificial surfaces in England I had [...]